New Year’s Eve

It’s late night, call you out— come let’s watch the lights

Drinks in sight, watch the big screens yes it’s the last night

Long walks, didn’t make it in time as the clock chimes

But it’s alright let’s still embrace and baby, this feels so right

Run fast let’s watch the stars explode, the mud on your shoes won’t matter tomorrow

Fireworks, they sparkle and reflect back in your eyes

I watch you watching me, what is this now?

Fall asleep on my lap listening to my bad taste in music on the park bench 

And as I watch your face at peace my heart does what it does in the movies (how cliché)

I wanna run but my feet are bound. 

“Where are you going to run to?”

Like you read my mind. 

(You don’t want me and I don’t want you)

So don’t hold my hand, don’t kiss my lips.

The interlacing of fingers and tongue are only for those in lover’s bliss.

Friend. Let’s do this again.


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