Don’t Ask Me What’s Wrong (Plot Twist: I’ll Tell You Everything)

Tick tock, tick tock.

In this moment I was feeling, thinking, feeling, thinking.

When you called I wonder if I should tell you how I was breathing—

I decide not to as I rationalised, how I never understood why people never tell the ones they love what they feel exactly, till I realised why.

When you love someone, it becomes hard to tell them what you feel. As you grow closer and attached, words fail to exactly comprehend what you feel inside.

Then it hit me as fast as the tears fell from my face to the pillow.

I was in love with you.

The one man everyone told me to stay away from, the man I knew from the start who could break my heart if I didn’t hold on to it myself tight enough— I cared for him.

Then I cried and cried and suddenly, there was nothing. I wiped my face and all was just blank.

Was I someone who needed help mentally? I was slipping into the void and next I was not.

To feel so much and then not to, a change of heart in a split second. Oh darling, I miss your scent.

Perhaps tonight was not the night I should have thought so much.

(Little girl, what happened to your heart?)

(Nothing, I broke it myself with my own two bare hands)


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