I may not be rich. But the least my parents have taught me is how to be rich in values. 

Sincerity, honesty, perseverance, humility & respect. 

So you may have all the material goods in the world, but you will never have what I have— basic human decency.

Now, you may argue that one cannot live purely based on values: 

“How can you possibly survive with just your morals? Values can’t be eaten, can it now?” You would cynically reply.

And I do agree. One cannot survive purely based on morals. In this dog-eat-dog world we live in today, being a nice person would have you being eaten up alive. Even I am realistic enough to realise this fact.

But get this— somewhere, deep in the dark abyss of your heart, you would feel some sort of grief. When you realise that the love you feel from material goods are only short lived, do you continue buying more just to feel that short-term rush of “happiness”? 

Or do you step out into the world, do you dare overstep your boundaries? To seek happiness through others, and more so, yourself?

 Love through people, not through things. Then proceed to learn how to love yourself.

I wish you the best in finding happiness.


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