Conflicted Pt. 2

But as I listen to the sounds of his breathing

I tell him the words to the songs I’ve been singing

The fact that I’m in love was crippling 

I couldn’t believe that it was what I was feeling 

I made his songs for me, mine

It was his words, with my alteration

Sang the words I felt inside 

Took a lot of courage to sing it, for emotion was my weakness

And I never allowed myself to show it 

The call is unclear, he’s crying or he’s sleeping 

Somewhere in between I said “Good night, sweet dreams.” I did not hope for a reply.

But there it was again. “No, babe. Stay.”

A few months back I would’ve said he was crazy

Seems like I’m the crazy one now.

This was me, raw and uncut. And he fell asleep but

I don’t know if I minded his past

And all the shadows that he had cast

Everything he stands for I only feel disgust

But that’s cause I don’t know the truth

There’s more to him, I want to know

Yet I’m not ready for this show

He puts up for everyone to see, everyone, including me

I just wish he would be real. I want to know him. 

Even if it scars me I know it may

But hey.

Isn’t it always easier to just throw everything away?


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