Oh that you only meant well?

Told you that I never felt 

Said I could never give you what you needed

But that’s advice you never heeded

Went ahead and got treated

By my cold, dead heart.

Don’t come closer, for I am just like a rose

Temptous, beautiful. Looks like art 

Yet touching will only make your heart 


That’s why I said go now as you can but no you wanted to stay

I let you try and now it can never be the same 

You broke this, I broke that

You got me fucked up and now 

Now I’m conflicted, feelings a’ fleeting 

Am I sorry for leaving?

Or I just can’t bear to be apart?

“I don’t know, I don’t care.” I scream inside

And just let the music take me to new heights

I play music to forget, you play music to regret

We couldn’t be anymore different, you and I 

Swore I’d never feel again, seems much like a joke now

Since I’ve met you it’s never been by the book, how?

Feelings you ignited, feelings I suppressed 

Because I know—

No good end comes to the ones who put their emotions to the test.


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