Back From The Graves

Hello. It is me again. After a year and a half I have finally returned to blogging. Here’s my excuse- I’ve been studying for the past year for my final year examinations, literally the only exam that matters in my entire life of secondary school. All my hard work boiled down to this.

I am so happy to announce that I managed to get into a course that I wanted, which was essentially a media-based course where I could write even more; this time more in depth. Though I am only 4 days into my new school, I feel so much. Confusion clashing with conflicting thoughts. But I am better at riddling everything, and it’s 12am from where I am. Let us start from the very beginning.

Said we couldn’t make it

I knew I’d prove them wrong

But the only game I’m playing

Would be to change their tune of song

Of course hard work takes forever

And I’d never let them see me grind

For when I am drifting off to slumber

Back home I take my time

Learning at your own pace

You know it’ll all be fine

But they think you’re worthless,

lazy and unrefined.

No matter, they’ll soon change their mind.

Cause when the slip is revealed oh my, oh my

What a sign!

“You were always so lazy,” they said.

But they never knew what I did behind.

Congratulations were in order,

Holiday mood flashed like neon signs

Got a job at a counter, but I could never last till nine.

Took some time off, enjoying the ride

Alas sweet things don’t last forever;

And I must wind back to time.

Now I’ve met new people, similar interests;

with backgrounds just so different from mine.

I guess that’s part and parcel of life, plus you shouldn’t stay stagnant all your life.

The environment is foreign, albeit scary if you will.

We all have fears I know, especially without warriors by your side.

Yet as time passes slowly, I know it’ll come to change.

For the things we fear now, are the strengths we are soon to gain.

Welcome back.



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