Flow of Life

Sometimes in life, we just find ourselves stuck in a rut. Be it when someone puts you down, when your favorite tv shows get canceled or even when your dog decides to take a wee wee on your favorite bed sheets.
In those moments, we stop, stare and have a little panic attack on the inside, with not a single solution to the problem at hand. And I honestly find myself in those kind of situations pretty often. And y’know what I do? I just go with it. One point in my life I decided I’ve had enough of overthinking everything, what people think of me, what people say about me. Because at the end of the day, I am the master of myself and I decide what affects me.

Confront that person who put you down, or be even manlier, and not stoop to their level. Call up the producer of the show, show them who wants more seasons of their favorite tv shows. Or find something else to watch. See your dog take a pee on your bed sheets? Change them, discipline your dog.

I’m just saying, stick with your gut instincts, and just go with the flow. The flow of life that continues to charge forth without stopping, because time waits for no one.


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